Gebäude des Europäischen Parlaments in Brüssel

Plenarsaal des Europäischen Parlaments in Brüssel

Gebäude des Europäischen Parlaments in Strasbourg
Plenarsaal des Europäischen Parlaments in Strasbourg

My Biographie>>

André Brie; Contribution for „Freitag“; December 18, 2006: Kofi Annan and Ms. M.>>

André Brie; December 6, 2006; Editorial; Disput 12/2006: Silence at the negotiating table>>

“These elections were fair“ European Left Party deputy André Brie about the course of the elections in Venezuela>>

André Brie, Contribution to „Freitag – the East-West weekly Newspaper“, November 28, 2006: Political right to strike and the duty of the Left>>

André Brie, Editorial column for “Disput – the Left Party.PDS member magazine“, November 2006: Social is successful>>

No coherent European policy vis-à-vis China - European deputy expects reinforced pressure by Washington to integrate the EU into the China strategy of the US /Participation at international conference in Beijing>>

Europeans in the matter of climate protection should sweep in front of their own doors>>

Following the announcement by the US president and the Pentagon to revise the strategy in Iraq, the European deputy of the Left Party, André Brie, reflects>>

André Brie, Speech at the Opening of the 10th Yiddish music and theatre week on October 26, 2006 in the Dresden Cultural House: A great culture, without which we would all be much smaller>>

André Brie (MEP), Regular column for Disput – the Left Party. Member magazine, October 2006: Afghanistan – 5 years after>>

Open Letter to Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel on occasion of the Integration Summit of the Federal Government on July 14, 2006 in Berlin - From Feleknas Uca, André Brie, Helmuth Markov and Gabi Zimmer>>

Bush’s reading disability>>

André Brie, September 19, 2006, Contribution to the „Dresdner Blättl“ The EU and October 3, 1990>>

A comparison of the world-wide costs for military and peace missions>>

216 millions cars on the streets of the EU>>

André Brie (Left Party), September 13, 2006: Culture and education – the great future questions of social existential services>>

André Brie, August 9, 2006, Editorial column für „Disput“ The harvest of the evil seed>>

André Brie demands consequence of the EU in the struggle against land mines - Again immigrants killed in a mine field on the Greek border>>

André Brie, MEP, August 2006, Contribution for a book publication by the Norwegian Socialist Left Party - EU: Neoliberal power block, break-up or field for a common left project? *.pdf-Datei

Brussels sprouts: The return of the Taliban>>

European deputy criticises attitude of EU Commission and Council of Ministry as concerns passenger data transfer: Massive violation of democratic rules and rights>>

André Brie, July 5, 2007, contribution for La Gauche 2: Europe does not need a « New Economy” but a new economic policy and a social union- Neoliberal “structural reforms” and Lisbon strategy - the wrong way to the modernisation of the European social state model>>

July 3, 2006 : Deputy wants to involve CIA investigation committee of the European Parliament: André Brie demands information on data transfer of European Banks to the US bureaucracy>>

André Brie, Diary notes, Israel-Palestine trip, April 9-12: Connecting people. Three days without hope *.pdf-Datei

The relations between European Union and the USA: A dossier by Dr. André Brie (Left Party), compare>>

« Community of values » with breaks - André Brie on critical questions during the summit talks>>

June 14, 2006 :  WRITTEN DEMAND by André Brie (GUE/NGL) to the Commission - Subject: Legal Status of the European Volunteer Service (EVS)>>

European deputy: Tailor promotion and structural policy to concrete demands>>

Written inquiry by André Brie (GUE/NGL) to the Commission of 6/6/2006: Financing of the ESRP (EU Security Research Programme outside of parliamentary control)>>

Paper and Reality>>

Concerning the judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), according to which the agreement on the transfer of flight passenger dates to US authorities must be cancelled due to lack of legal basis, the foreign policy spokesman of the United European Left in the European Parliament, André Brie, declares: Admonishment for breach of law>>

On the report of the European Commission concerning the preparation for entry of Bulgaria and Rumania, the foreign policy speaker of the Confederate European Left in the European Parliament, André Brie (Left Party of Germany), declares: Clouded view>>

Pick up again suggestions of Jacques Delors>>

André Brie, May 8, 2006, Spoken contribution to the Common Parliamentary Meeting of the European Parliament and of the national parliaments of the member states on the future of Europe: Without common content, no common policy>>

European Deputy concerned about fate of victims of political persecution in India>>

André Brie: Difficult Partnership>>

André Brie, April 20, 2006, Near East, for Politician's Screen: Is this a desired-for insolubility?>>

European deputy upon return from the autonomous areas sharply criticises the suspension of EU financial aid: Palestine is threatened by a social and economic catastrophe>>

April 4th, 2006, Press declaration: Still people are dying by landmines at the border of Turkey>>

March 29, 2006 : Press declaration: On the outcome of the Israeli parliamentary elections>>

André Brie, March 15, 2006, Interview with ddp>>

Dr. André Brie, MEP, Brussels, in March 2006: Six years of Lisbon strategy – a balance>>

March 22, 2006: Press declaration: Scoop out diplomatic potential in the conflict with Belarus>>

March 15, 2006: Press declaration: The West bears part of the guilt for the escalation of violence in Near East>>

March 14, 2006, Press declaration: Position asked on the US-Macedonian Treaty>>  

Press declaration, March 14, 2006: Concerning the declarations of the US President that Iran was supporting the rebels in Iraq>> 

André Brie, February 22, 2006; Review for „Neues Deutschland“ of the book by Harald Greib: “Berlin, please instruct!” The difficulties of satire to transcend reality>>

André Brie, Column for “Disput - the Journal for the Members of the Left Party.PDS“, February 2006: Pure market radicalism>>
Interferences with natural resort areas by the approved construction of wind power facilities in the county of Elbe-Elster (Brandenburg, Germany)>>
I DID NOT WANT TO VOTE AGAINST” - Within the Left Party.PDS, the debate on the support of an anti-Cuban resolution in the EU Parliament continues - A conversation with André Brie (, February 18th/19th, p. 2 in the print edition)>>
February 16, 2006, Press declaration: Discussion of the postponement of a trip by a Left Party delegation by the leadership of the CP of Cuba and the Cuba vote in the European parliament By André Brie>>
Press declaration, February 16, 2006: EU service directive: European parliament turns competition into non plus ultra By André Brie and Gabi Zimmer>>
Press declaration, February 14, 2006: EU service directive : Pure market radicalism>>

Press declaration, February 2, 2006: EU Commission announces revisions of the WEEE directive. European deputy André Brie asks for a quick change in the registration procedure>>

January 20, 2006 ; Press declaration: Information requested on delayed allocation of EU structural funds for the region of Saxony>>

January 20, 2006 , Article in „Klartext“ (Left Party.PDS district newspaper/Berlin): A directive for the market, not for services>>
January 5, 2006: Press declaration: EU service directive: more active attitude by local communities, artisans, and engineering, industry and trade chambers in Germany needed>>
André Brie, MEP, Editorial for “Disput – the Left Party.PDS Member Magazine“, June-December 2005 - At the crossroads>>
EU Commission continues to examine the offer system for option tickets for the soccer World Championship ( - The European deputy André Brie welcomes the compromise by the German Soccer Association in the question of the option tickets for the soccer world championship>>
There threatens a Balkanisation - André Brie observed the vote in Basra - Neues Deutschland, Wednesday, December 21, 2005, p .2.>>
Port Package II - superfluous, antisocial, and economically detrimental - By André Brie *.pdf-Datei

Archiv Selected Texts>>

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