Gebäude des Europäischen Parlaments in Brüssel

Plenarsaal des Europäischen Parlaments in Brüssel

Gebäude des Europäischen Parlaments in Strasbourg
Plenarsaal des Europäischen Parlaments in Strasbourg

My Biographie>>

André Brie, Editorial column for Disput, December 2007: The Left and reality>>

André Brie, November 29, 2007, Contribution to the „Neue Gesellschaft/Frankfurter Hefte“: Left Alliance: Plea for a new Political Project>>

André Brie; November 8, 2007; introductory remarks in the discussion at Dresden town hall “What is left today?” What is left today? *.pdf-Datei

26.11.2007: André Brie, Contribution to „Freitag“, October 4, 2007: Bad recommendation>>

22.11.2007: Financial aid by the European Community and its member countries to Iraq since 2003>>

09.11.2007: FRIDAY, November 9, 2007: In a conversation: Ottmar Schreiner (SPD), André Brie (The Left) and Christian Ströbele (Greens) on communicating valves, left voters – and left governmental majorities: “Coalition of the Willing” *.pdf-Datei

08.11.2007: André Brie; November 8, 2007; introductory remarks in the discussion at Dresden town hall “What is left today?” What is left today? *.pdf-Datei

02.11.2007: November 2, 2007 – interview taz – André Brie – European deputy of the Left sees in the SPD a political enemy – and a political partner: Not only majority provider>>

09.10.2007: André Brie, October 9, 2007; Editorial column for „Disput“: The constitution’s new clothes>>

08.2007: The Afghan people will continue to need the help of the international state community - An interview with André Brie>>

24.08.2007: A new concept is needed - By André Brie,, Friday, August 24, 2007>>

09.07.2007: André Brie, July 9, 2007; Column for „Disput”: Licence for social demolition>>

07.2007: André Brie, MEP, member of the fraction of the European Lefts/Nordic left Greens in the European Parliament Internal market and Consumer Protection Committee and Rapporteur for the “Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council setting out the Requirements for Accreditation and Market Surveillance relating to the Marketing of Products”.  Contribution for the CEOC Bulletin September 2007: The EU « product package » is on its way.>>

10.07.2007: Antworten auf die Fragen des japanischen Doktoranden Sumiko Iwasaki *.pdf-Datei

28.06.2007: Dear Mr. Brie, we are in the 11th class of the Hartmanni high school at Eppingen>>

14.06.2007: Afghanistan referee of the European Parliament pushes for clear delineation of the EU police mission from military interventions on the Hindu Kush: Don’t turn EUPOL into the auxiliary troop for military intervention>>

04.06.2007: André Brie, 4. Juni 2007, Rede auf der Jahreskonferenz von CEOC, International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations, Hotel Steigenberger, Berlin - Regulation setting out Requirements for Accreditation and Market Surveillance relating to the Marketing of Products (New Approach) – Views of the European Parliament>>

0905.2007: André Brie, May 9, 2007; Editorial column for Disput, May 2007: Policy of silence>>

02.05.2007: André Brie, 2 May 2007, Answers to the Polish weekly journal "Trybuna Rabotnicza">>

31.03.2007: André Brie; March 12, 2007; Editorial column for „Disput“, March: The New Left and Oskar Lafontaine>>

28.03.2007: Embellished balance sheet>>

13.03.2007: André Brie, March 13th 2007, Answers on a questionaire of SDA (Security & Defence Agenda)>>

11.03.2007: Concerning the declaration of Chalid Sheikh Mohammed before an US special tribunal acknowledging responsibility for the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and in Washington, André Brie, European deputy of the Left, declares>>

10.03.2007: Brussels’ sprouts - We want you, Social Union!>>

03.03.2007: Brussels/Schwerin. 50 years after the signing of the Rome Treaties, the question remains what the European Union has brought to the people of the continent. At a common conference of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and the left GUE/NGL fraction in the European Parliament, the participants want to look for answers on the 9th and 10th in Berlin. To start with, André Brie presented a thesis paper of several pages. Hans-Joachim Guth talked about that with the EU deputy from Schwerin. 13 Theses>>

01.03.2007: André Brie; March 1, 2007; Contribution to “Freitag – the East-West weekly paper” Europe: Black hole for Red people?>>

André Brie: The renewed German Left will be European or it won’t be. A social Europe or no Europe at all. That is the question, that is the answer - Theses for the EU Conference of the GUE/NGL and the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation on March 10 and 11, 2007 *.pdf-Datei

26.02.2007: On the open letter by political and social scientists to the Federal chancellor and acting president of the European Council, Angela Merkel, the European deputy of the Left Party, André Brie, declares: Prevent a war against Iran!>>

12.02.2007: André Brie, speaker of the Left in the interior market and consumer protection committee of the European Parliament, declares on the submission of the Green Book on commerce in the Internet: Clear priority for consumer protection>>

08.02.2007: André Brie, February 8, 2007; Editorial Column for „Disput“- the membership magazine of the Left Party.PDS: Equality of chances for all?>>

08.02.2007: Sharp criticism of the environmental policy of the EU and by the German Council presidency European deputy André Brie demands “new thinking” in Brussels and Berlin: German climate killers>>

07.02.2007: On the Ahtisaari report on the future status of Kosovo, the European deputy, André Brie, declares: Objective missed>>

01.2007: André Brie, Trip to Iraq from 2-10 January, 2007: Abdullah, Samira, Asaad – Weapons from the US Army and European Arrogance pdf-Datei

31.01.2007: André Brie, European deputy of the Left Party.PDS: Culture and Education – the great future challenges of social existential service!>>

29.01.2007: On the “new“ Afghanistan strategy by USA and NATO, the European deputy André Brie (Left Party) declares: A case of deception>>

01.2007: Statistical portrait of the European Union 2007 pdf-Datei

17.01.2007: André Brie, January 17, 2007; Contribution to the “Tagesspiegel“ Plea for our own sovereignty>>

15.01.2007: European deputy André Brie after his Iraq trip reports on dramatic situation: Sharp criticism of USA strategy: “Not even the rhetoric is new.” Are the elements of genocide fulfilled?>>

11.01.2007: Nordkurier – Interview of January 11, 2007 - “The wine is just as old as the tubes are.“ Berlin. André Brie, Left Party politician and European deputy, returned last night from a nine-day trip to Iraq. Immediately after his landing in Berlin, Hans-Joachim Guth talked to the born Schwerinian.>>

11.01.2007: On the Iraq plans of George Bush, André Brie, European deputy of the Left Party declares: Overfermented wine in worn-out tubes>>

FIRST draft report of the Mission to iraq, 2-10 January 2007 *.pdf-Datei

Exacerbation dramatique dans le pays sur l’Euphrate et le Tigris - Conversation du ND avec le député européen André Brie sur son voyage le plus récent en Iraq>>

01.01.2007: André Brie, January 1, 2007, Editorial column for „Disput“ The purges?>>

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